You may have a number of reasons why you need to tow a vehicle. It may be that you want to take your car along on a trip or moving it from one place to another. whatever reason it might be, you need to have knowledge on how to do it. Before you start the towing, make sure you follow the laws put in place for that particular state or any other states you are planning to travel to. This may include using the proper lights and mirrors. Some of the methods may include;

How to tow a vehicle properlyUse of tow dolly

The tow dolly allows the towed car to take some load off the towing vehicle. This is attained by towing the vehicle while the rear wheels are resting on the ground. This technique works best when a front wheel drive car is towed, since a four-wheel drive must be disconnected from the drive shaft while moving to long distances. Care should be observed not to exceed the weight of the towing vehicle. Atleast, the towing vehicle must weigh 750 pounds and above more than the towed car.  Confirm you don’t surpass the tow capacity of the device. The following procedure should be followed;

  • Connecting the tow dolly. Secure the coupler to the hitch ball on the towing car and tighten the coupler until you achieve a secured connection. Ensure the coupler is firmly fastened by moving forward the tow vehicle.
  • Make sure you attach the safety chains to the tow vehicle as this ensure that the dolly is connected to the tow vehicle incase the coupler happens to sway off the hitch ball.
  • Start loading the towed vehicle by driving it onto the dolly ramp facing forward. Additionally, ensure that the width of the towed vehicle fits on the ramps. Further, check all other vehicle parts while loading.
  • Drive onto the dolly until the front tires are firmly held on the wheel stops. Use tow straps on the tow dolly to secure both front tires.
  • Disconnect the driveshaft to keep off form damaging the towed vehicle transmission. Crawl underneath of the vehicle and find where the driveshaft attaches to the differential. Locate the u joint which holds the shaft to the differential housing and secure the towed vehicle using a bungee cord.

If you never hired a towing service provider than knowing about different types of towing can be helpful for you. After reading that post you will be able to develop understanding with types of towing.

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