Breaking up of vehicles can meet you when you are least expecting it. In regardless of where they occur, hiring a towing service is almost a must to bring your car to a repair shop. Towing services or companies have different vehicles meant for different towing purposes. Your job will only be determining the kind of a tow vehicle that you need for your car.  This article will discuss some of the tow trucks and what they are used for.

Different types of towing trucksFlatbed

These are the most common and widely used tow trucks all over the world. This truck has a long empty bed which has a flat top. It has powerful hydraulics which move the flatbed up and down. It is an easy to use truck where you simply drive your car up the ramp, or pull it up. They are also common in transporting cars involved in accidents. additionally, they can also be used to transport boats. overall, they are considered one the safest to tow vehicles.

Incorporated tow trucks

These trucks are used for heavy duty needs as they are highly specialized. They are mainly used to transport busses and drilling rigs.

Hook and chain

These tow trucks were used on almost every kind of cargo. They are no longer common. Enfolded chain can bring damage or a scratch to a vehicle. Due to this, use the hook chain truck only when transporting wrecked cars to a junkyard. Further to that, the truck cannot be used on a 4 by 4 cars to avoid damaging the drivetrain. The trucks are only suitable for transporting wrecked vehicles where little care is taken to the towed car.

Wheel lift

The trucks have a mechanism equivalent to hook and chain. Instead, they use a metal yoke and cause little damage to the towed vehicle. the yoke is attached under the front or the rear wheels. The wheel lift tow truck has a hydraulic lift which is used to lift the vehicle from the ground and pull it away. Although the wheel lift trucks cannot provide the protection as the flatbed, they prevent damages to the car bumper and they are also cheap.

If you need a towing service are not sure which type of service is most suitable for you than please visit this article link to read further about tow turcks.

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